Thursday, 3 December 2009

St. Cergue - La Dole

On the weekend I took myself for a couple of walks around Nyon to explore the area - something I've not done as much as I'd hoped until now.

So I drove up to St. Cergue to wander around without really having any plan. In the end I just parked the car and started walking.

I'd already done some research on the area and found that the highest point around, with a small ski field, was La Dole. I knew I wouldn't be able to make it all the way up because I started late and it would have gotten dark before I could return, but I figured I would just walk until 4pm and then come back.

It was actually quite a difficult walk, despite it being a "pedestrian path", since all the leaves had fallen from the trees and there was some snow on the ground making the path difficult to follow and quite slippery. It was also really cold with quite a strong wind.

After climbing a big stretch of hill I reached a plateau and saw that if I walked a bit further I would find a good spot to look out towards the lake. I was quite tired and cold by this stage so I was hoping it would be a good view.

As it happens the view was amazing, with clear blue skies looking over Nyon, Lac Leman, and through to the French Alps. I stayed a little while and took some photos, until it reached 4pm and I decided it was time to head back.

I went back via a different route that turned out to be a bit quicker, and I was back in St. Cergue before dark. I was really pleased to have done the walk and have explored the area above Nyon - I can see a lot of potential for snow-shoeing and some easy skiing just up the hill from where we live!

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