Sunday, 20 December 2009

Snow comes to Nyon

Last year I remember there being a lot of snow already before Christmas, but this year it has been unusually warm until quite recently, and even when it got really cold the snow failed to materialise.

However in the last few days we saw first a few snowflakes making a brave appearance, and then on Thursday and Friday we got quite a lot of snow.

Since we've moved to Nyon we're now slightly higher altitude than the lake, where we were living in Vevey, and we've also got our own balcony, which is exposed to the open sky. As a consequence we got more snow at our apartment in Nyon than we ever really experienced in Vevey.

Looking at the snow on the balcony it almost seemed feasible to build a snowman, so we donned our gloves (Linda went further and put on her new ski jacket) and went outside to give it a shot.

It would have been a complete success if the snow had not been so dry that it wouldn't stick together, so we resorted to having a snowball fight and making three miniature versions of snowmen to put on the balcony table.

Following this accomplishment we sat down with some hot tea and bread and jam for a little picnic on our balcony. We're hoping this will last until a white Christmas!

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