Thursday, 3 December 2009

Geneve - Mont Saleve

Above Geneva is a breadloaf-shaped mountain called Mont Saleve. Apparently it is a popular destination for Les Genevois for healthful hikes, picnics, mountain biking and the like.

So I decided I would check it out, catching the train and then a bus to the base of the mountain, from where I caught a telepherique to the top.

After my hike at St. Cergue the previous day I was a bit disappointed, especially since the sky had clouded over, and the exposed top of the mountain was windy and very cold. I imagine it would be much more interesting in Summer for picnics, or in Winter for snow-shoeing, but in the half-way point of Autumn it was just a bit grey.

You could, however, see across the mountains as far as Dents de Midi, Mont Blanc, and Lac Annecy in France (in fact Mont Saleve itself is in France).

After my big hike the previous day my legs were quite tired and I decided not to push myself too much, but I did decide to walk down the mountain which I imagined would be quite simple. This was a big mistake as it was really steep, and the leaves on the path made it really slippery.

I made it back without any great dramas in the end, although my legs were quite dead and the next day quite sore. I think I'll take Linda back there when there is proper snow on the top, but I don't think I'll walk either up or down the mountain again!

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