Saturday, 14 November 2009

Visiting Family in England

Ages ago now, in October, I flew across to England to visit my niece and nephew, Oliver and Imogen, where they were visiting brother-in-law Jono's family.

It was all quite last-minute, as I only just found myself with enough time on my hands to take leave from work at quite short notice. So I booked flights and headed off without really much planning and almost didn't make it through border control in England when I didn't know the address of where I was staying.

Anyway it all worked out quite well and I spent a nice couple of days with Jono's family, who very nicely put up with my self-invitation.

Being in Europe we've missed so much of the children of friends and families, and it was really good to catch up with Oliver and Imogen and see how much they have grown.

The flights in and back were so cheap and - now that we live so near Geneva - easy, that I think Linda and I will have to make plans to visit England some more before we finish our time in Europe!

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