Monday, 28 December 2009

Les Rousses

For Linda's birthday this year we planned to head up the hill to play in the snow like we had in previous years. However, depite an earlier dump of snow, we found ourselves potentially snowless. So we went a bit further up the hill, just into France at Les Rousses (which, oddly, translates to The Redheads).

At Les Rousses we found a somewhat incongruous Canadian shop where we ate pancakes and bought some cranberry sauce (in preparation for Christmas Turkey dinner). Then we took ourselves off to find a path to go for a walk, the snow being insufficient for snow-shoeing.

We found a path down to the Lac des Rousses (which doesn't translate to Lake of the Redheads), and set off. When we reached the lake we found it was almost completely covered in ice, and we wandered around it taking photos of the lake and snow around it.
We finished up quite late, having started quite late, but found a little supermarket in which to buy some interesting French food to take home with us.

On the way home, in the dark, in a newly arrived snowstorm, we spotted a hill that Linda insisted was a good place to go tobogganning on the little plastic thing we bought to shovel our car out of the snow in an emergency.

After this we made our way down the snow-covered, windy, roads, in our car with no heating, and narrowly avoided sliding into the back of another car that had stopped unexpectedly. Once again we wished ourselves better prepared for the winter weather.

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