Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Portugal - Vila Nova de Milefontes

Our last night in Portugal was at Vila Nova de Milefontes.

Our stay got off to an excellent start with an amazing dinner at a local restaurant, followed by an equally amazing breakfast served in our B&B.

The town of Milefontes was quite quiet - being outside of tourist season meant a lot of the shops had shut down - but it was really nice just wandering around the town looking at the white and blue (and sometimes yellow) buildings.

From there we continued up the coast to Porto Covo, which our host at the B&B recommended to us. This was another really nice town, just as model village-like as Milefontes.

We spent more time wandering around the streets of the town and the cliffs facing onto the ocean.

Finally we had one last meal in Portugal, another delicious seafood affair, before hopping back in the car for the drive up to the airport.

We had a fantastic trip and we're both quite motivated to return to Portugal for its good food, cheap prices, friendly people, and interesting countryside.

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