Friday, 6 November 2009

Portugal - Evora

Last weekend Linda took me off to Portugal for four days as a surprise for my birthday. We didn't really have a firm plan but Linda had booked our night of arrival in Evora, a medieval town to the East of Lisbon in the Alentejo province.

After our first night at the hotel, and eating a delicious breakfast, we pretty quickly decided it was so nice there that we should stay the next night also!
Practically the first thing we did was to hop back in the car and head out of town to the Cromeleque dos Almendres, a group of 92 menhirs which date back to around 5000BC, found amongst the cork trees that seem to be everywhere in Portugal.

Back in Evora, we wandered around the town, visiting the Cathedral, museum and markets, ate Pastel de Nata, and generally relaxed.
The dinners we ate in Evora were also delicious, being hearty and full of flavour, and surprisingly cheap for a Euro country!
We had such a nice time in Evora we were actually a little reluctant to head away from the Alentejo province and into Algarve, which was actually the main goal of our trip to Portugal.

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