Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Zermatt - Matterhorn

Last weekend my parents came to visit Linda and I in Switzerland and I thought a good way to introduce them to the country would be to meet them in Zermatt, halfway between Vevey and Milan where they were arriving from.

We were extremely lucky with the weather, which was clear and warm and very little wind. We were also lucky with the timing - between seasons so the town was relatively quiet. [not so lucky for Linda, she was inundated with work and spent the whole weekend in the hotel room working.]

The first thing that strikes you in Zermatt is, of course, the Matterhorn, which looms large over the town.

On our first day there we caught the little train up to Gornergrat, which supposedly has the highest shopping center in the alps (or something like that) at 3089m altitude. Of course we were more interested in the view than the shopping, and the view certainly was amazing, taking in the Matterhorn and Monte Rosa.

You could also see the Gornergletscher glacier flowing down from Monte Rosa.

I introduced my parents to the famous Swiss RĂ´sti for dinner. Delicious and heart-attack inducing as it should be.

The next day we caught multiple lifts all the way to the top of the Klein Matterhorn (or Matterhorn glacier paradise in marketing-speak), which has another incredible view of the surrounding mountains. The altitude of 4100m meant we were all a little light-headed at the top and actually felt happy to descend one stop back down the mountain for lunch.

We then walked down from one of the lower lifts, through the forest back into Zermatt.

By the time we were back in town it was time to jump on a train and head into Vevey. I think my parents were duly impressed by their first exposure to Switzerland.

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