Monday, 7 April 2008

Chateau de Chillon

Last weekend we caught the ferry from Vevey to Chateau de Chillon near Montreaux.

We'd been meaning to go and visit the Chateau for a long time, but had been waiting for a nice clear day that we were actually in town for. Finally such a day came about so off we went!

The Chateau itself has been rebuilt and remodelled many times over the years but its location and history make it a very interesting place to visit.

We had a really nice day wandering around the Chateau, learning about its history and its residents, captives and famous visitors. It was such an easy trip its amazing we hadn't got around to it before now. I guess its always the case that it's those things in your own back yard you never get around to seeing.

All my photos from Chateau Chillon can be found here.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Linda and Mark,
Please stop visiting picturesque sites around Europe as a poor professional student(guess who!) is turning a very unbecoming shade of green with envy.
On the other hand, you're both looking very happy!