Friday, 4 April 2008

Budapest - Part 3

Our last day in Budapest was relatively low stress, having pretty much seen everything we set out to see already.

We started at the Szent István Bazilika (St. Stephen's Basilica), which we climbed for the view over the city. We were also going to see the mummified hand of Steven I of Hungary, but there was Easter services in progress so we couldn't get through.

Next we just spent some time wandering around the streets of the town, trying to decide which buildings were damaged by bombs and bullets and which were merely neglected.

Eventually we made our way back to Castle Hill to see it during daylight hours.

We spent a fair bit of time in Mátyás-templom (Matthias Church), which was, of course, covered in scafolding from the outside, but from the inside it was really spectacular.

After this we wandered around the Fisherman's Bastion some more, taking many photos of the view from the hill, and then around the Budai Vár (Buda Castle) itself.

But all this fails to capture one of the key points of our stay in Budapest, which was the coffee shops and the delicious cakes. We had visited a number of the famous coffee shops during our stay, including the famous Gerbeaud, and sampled a number of the different cakes. Our favourite, however, was the Ruszwurm in the Castle district and in fact we went back twice in the space of a couple of hours to try more of their cakes.

We finished off our time in Budapest at some of the markets near our hotel, trying out more local food and spending our local currency, before leaping into a taxi for the Airport, only to be once again delayed by the snow storms in Geneva.

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