Monday, 21 April 2008


It is almost the end of the ski season so I thought I should take it out with a bit of a bang, particularly since we missed most of it, having bought our own skis late in the season. Plus Linda was in Barcelona and I wasn't going to stay home feeling sorry for myself.

It is only about an hour and a half from Vevey to Verbier, making it actually one of the closest resorts to where we live, and it is certainly a major resort.

Having never been to Verbier it took me a while to find the right route up the mountain, taking multiple bus-sized ski lifts to the top of Mont Fort, at over 3300m altitude.

They had a speed skiing track set up, and there were skiers wearing the shiny suits, silly helmets and with skis that must have been about 2.5m long, but they didn't get to do their 200km/h runs because of the 15km wind (apparently a big deal at 200km/h).

Anyway the good news for me was that this meant the track was opened to the public so I got to ski down the track (turning the whole way of course). Now I'm even more convinced these people are crazy.

I had an incredibly unhealthy looking croute au fromage et lardons for lunch which was, of course, delicious, and I skied the remainder of the day on the resulting calories.

Anyway today I am sore all over from the very full day of skiing and will happily sit out the spring waiting for the snow to melt so I can walk the same mountains in the sunshine.

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