Monday, 9 April 2007

Setting Out

On the 3rd of April 2007 Linda and I set out from Sydney - about two months after our original departure date, and about two years after when we probably would have liked to have done if not for a conspiracy of events working against us.

The reason for the final two month delay was something we could not help, being the spectacular explosion of Linda's appendix, which turned our "two weeks with parents to see family before going overseas" into more of a "two months with parents who probably couldn't wait to see the back of us". (We are very much in dept to our respective parents who put up with us for this unplanned amount of time very bravely.)

Of course after all this time you would have thought we would have managed to catch up with everyone before we left but, try as we might, this was not quite the case. For those we didn't get to see, I hope you don't think us too hopelessly disorganised but, as always, the last few weeks before departing were filled with rush and panic, and our bags filled with stuff we probably won't ever use.

Moving along, we're creating this blog on the spur of the moment because we have so many people we want to keep in touch with but would prefer not to spam your inboxes with our travel ramblings. The next few posts will be a bit of a catch-up as for the last few days we were unable to decide on a name that was suitably humorous, short, ambiguous, catchy, etc. (and clearly failing). After this initial burst, however, I think we will be significantly less prolific and you should expect only maybe two or three posts a day.

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