Wednesday, 25 April 2007


Yesterday we went to Fiesole, which is a quiet little town in the hills not far from Florence. Fiesole has some interesting sites and a very impressive view over of Florence.

Most notable of the sites is the Roman amphitheatre and attached museum which has some interesting Etruscan artifacts.

By visiting on a Tuesday afternoon, after my Italian classes had finished, we seemed to miss any sizable crowds. I'm not sure what it is like on the weekends but we turned out to have pretty much the entire amphitheatre site to ourselves.

Linda was very excited to find a Linda-sized door and nearby garage suitable for a Fiat Bambini and possibly a Vespa 50.

At the end of the day we walked up the hill towards the Monestary, which was by that time closed, to see the view over Florence and watch the sun set. The view was spectacular if a little hazy. You could clearly make out the Duomo and the Medici Chapel near where we live. We were a little put out by some overly-friendly American tourists who terrorised not only us but some other American tourists, who also seemed would have been happy to be left alone.

After making our escape we headed off to a local Trattoria recommended in the lonely planet and had some traditional soups that are a speciality of the region followed up by our mains which were also very nice. All washed down with a little Vino Rosso.

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Mnementh said...

Howdy! I been to Fiesole - and it was pretty quiet when I was there too - in the middle of summer when it was taking three hours to get into the Uffizi gallery in Florence proper. And it's so pretty! And Roman (we love that). Go figure.
Sounds like you guys are having fun.
(this is George by the way. don't worry about the Google login...I'm still on Swandives).