Friday, 16 April 2010

Sweden - Stockholm

Over Easter Linda and I headed up to Sweden for 10 days. Neither of us had ever been to Scandanavian Europe so this was quite excitingly uknown territory!

We spent most of our time in and around Stockholm, which is a very nice city with plenty of shops, museums, parks, and cafés (with unexpectedly good Italian style coffee!).

On our first day we were lucky with the weather so headed out to Djurgaarden to visit Skansen, which is an open-air museum replicating historic Swedish villages as well as a zoo for Swedish animals.

This was a fantastic way to introduce ourselves to Sweden, and we learned a lot about the country that we would continue to notice through our trip. We also had our first tastes of Swedish food such as Raindeer and Trout!

We visited the Vasamuseet, which houses a naval ship built in the 1600s that sank almost immediately after being launched, thanks to a miscalculation about it's centre of gravity, and as a consequence is very well preserved.

Then we visited the Nordiska museet to learn about the Swedish cultural history.

We also explored the old town of Gamla Stan and visited the Southern island of Södermalm, where there was plenty of interesting shops and streets to visit.

We visited other areas of Stockholm also and, where-ever we were, we had a really fun time in Stockholm!

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