Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Spring is Sprung!

A couple of weekends ago we stayed home in Switzerland! This is seems to be an increasingly rare thing for us since we're really trying to make the most of our time over here right now.

It's not to say we didn't do anything with our time, and in fact we were keen to get outside and enjoy the Spring weather.

So we went to the Morges Tulip Festival, where they plant out the public gardens with Tulips and other flowers. We've been to this before, but right at the end of the period when all the flowers were looking quite wilted.

This time the flowers were in full bloom and looked amazing.

Then we went for a little walk around the country near our apartment.

The flowers were out in force here also, and we even found a little plot at the nearby farm where you could cut your own Tulips and leave your money in a box near the gate - only 1CHF per tulip!

We ended up in town, where there was a film festival going on and with the warm weather it was quite busy. It's really coming alive now that the Spring has arrived!

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