Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Lac d'Annecy

This weekend we debated heading over to Annecy in nearby France, but the weather reports varied between sunny days and thunderstorms so we didn't end up making our mind to go until the last minute on Saturday.

Luckily for us this meant we found a last-minute booking in the Abbey de Talloires, which is in a town around the lake from Annecy that was recommended to me by a friend at work who had grown up there.

We were really lucky, since the hotel was fantastic and our room looked out over the lake. Really beautiful.

We didn't have huge plans for the weekend other than to relax - it was our First Date anniversary, and we'd been to Annecy before so we weren't as focussed on seeing everything as we normally are.

This didn't stop us from taking a nice drive around the lake, first up towards the Col de Forclaz which has a view over the lake (although the road all the way up was not yet open, presumably because we are still in 'Winter').

We also found a church where we had a picnic and which also had a great view over the lake.

Next we moved on to the Chateau de Menthon, which was also closed until May so we could only wander around the outside.

And we ended up in Annecy where we grabbed a Gelato before taking a tour around the lake on a boat. It was perfect weather for it!

Finally we grabbed some Galettes (savory crepes) for a light dinner before heading home.

We had a really nice relaxing weekend in Annecy - it was perfect weather and a very pleasant place to visit. We'd like to go back again, perhaps in May or June when the trees are all green and the weather even warmer. After all, it's only an hour from where we live in Nyon!

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