Monday, 7 September 2009

Leaving Vevey

These last few weeks we've been preparing for our move to Nyon. It has been really hectic as we've been so busy with work and other things, and it's not easy with Vevey and Nyon being quite a distance apart.
So it came down to moving this weekend, and we spent 3 days packing and driving boxes and furniture back and forth between Vevey and Nyon, and even now the apartment is still full of random bits and pieces that we have to decide what to do with.
But in the last few weeks Vevey has been putting on quite a show for us, being the August which is the peak of the social events calendar in Vevey and Europe generally.
We had the Open Air Cinema in our square for a few weeks, which is a mixed blessing - you get to see some free movies but you also have to put up with loud movie soundtracks until midnight nearly every night.
Then we had the Vevey Street Theatre, which was in our square and the streets around, which is similarly a mixed blessing - some good acts you can watch from the window, but also feeling somewhat trapped in your apartment while the same acts cycle through again and again.
Then finally we've had some random fireworks (we still don't know what they were linked to) that went off while we were packing one night. We ran down to the lake to watch them after the booming noise of the firecrackers echoed through our square.
But clearly we have come to the official end of summer now. They've packed up the 'beach' in Vevey (a man-made strip of sand that is a bit of a mystery to people from the East Coast of Australia), and it even snowed on the high mountains last weekend.
So we've moved to Nyon now which will be a bit of an adjustment, and no doubt we'll miss Vevey greatly, but there will be new adventures to be had in Nyon and around and you can be sure we'll keep you updated!

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Anonymous said...

You're a week ahead of us...we're moving this weekend :)
Looking forward to new piccies :)
Glad to read that the move went well.
Hope you enjoy the new space,