Sunday, 13 September 2009

Arriving in Nyon

From previous posts I think it's by now obvious that we have moved to Nyon. In fact we've lived in Nyon before, only for about a month when we first moved to Switzerland, and we really enjoyed our time here before relocating to Vevey.

Our new apartment is quite different from previous ones in Switzerland - it is large and modern and we have 2 (!!) balconies, one of which has a view over the town to the mountains on the other side of the lake. The other balcony was described as the 'winter balcony' and is enclosed by glass panels that open.

We've only been here a week so far, and are still unpacking boxes and re-building our Ikea furniture, but are already enjoying the change in at least one respect; the view from the large balcony at the front of the apartment.

On a clear day you can see Mont Blanc, and in the morning you can see the sun rising over the lake to the east. Linda found a table and BBQ to put on the balcony so we're looking forward to spending more time there enjoying the view!


mythrayi said...

Hi! We are moving to Geneva from New York in the new year (but are originally from London). My husband will be working in Nyon - what is it like? How does it compare to central Geneva? Thanks!

Mark said...

I know people who Live in Geneva and work in Nyon and vice-versa. I think Nyon is a really nice town, quieter and cleaner than Geneva, and it's only a short train trip into Geneva or Lausanne.
Good luck!