Monday, 31 August 2009

Paragliding into Villeneuve

Last year Linda gave me a gift voucher for a paragliding flight into Villeneuve. Since we've been so busy, and reluctant to give up a good-weather weekend, we hadn't yet got around to doing the flight.
We were spurred into action by the fact that we will soon be moving away from Villeneuve, so we found a spare few hours in between packing boxes to drive over to Villeneuve for the flight.

We picked a perfect day for it, with only a light breeze and clear skies resulting in some thermals for us to ride on. The paragliding company drove us up the hill to Sonchaux, which has an amazing view over the lake.

Our 'pilots' waited for a nice bit of breeze and we ran down the hill and were soon up in the air. It was really cool because Linda and I were flying at the same time, so were able to spot each other and take photos and some video.

Despite being really high up, you really feel quite safe; although the spins certainly make you feel a little queezy!

We landed after a really fun ride, which left us feeling like we should do it again some time, maybe over some different scenery!

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Nathan @ e-gineer said...

Amazing! I continue to be inspired and jealous of all the great places & things you guys are doing over there :)