Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Les Mosses

After our wonderful time the weekend before in Les Diablerets, we promptly went out and bought ourselves our own raquettes, since we figured we'd be doing a lot more snow-shoeing in future.

To try them out, we took ourselves up to Les Mosses, which is about an hour from Vevey by car (having now fitted our snow tires), and picked the most scenic of the raquette trails to explore.

We had a great time walking through the pine forest with snow on the branches, and past frozen streams up onto a plateau above the village before stopping for a picnic in the snow of tea and cold pizza we'd picked up in the markets in Vevey.

We got a bit lost at this point, following some more ambitious raquetters than us still further up the mountain, but got ourselves back on track to explore around the plateau some more before heading back down through the forest towards the village.

It was just as well we headed back when we did, as it started to get dark and really quite cold by the time we were back to our car.

We had a great time for almost no cost (in fact, we actually made some money due to a free tank of petrol thanks to a non-functioning petrol bowser at the petrol station) and it's really great to think we can just throw the raquettes in the car and drive somewhere and have a great day in the snow!

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