Friday, 26 December 2008

Christmas in Vevey

Yesterday was Christmas of course, and this is generally a big day in our household, even though it consists of only two people, since Linda is a Big Fan of Christmas (although I do admit to enjoying the benefits that come with this)

We had a large Christmas tree, carefully decorated, and food and presents enough to satisfy a much larger family than ours.

After the phonecalls and the first and second rounds of eating, we jumped on a train up to Les Pleiades, since if Winter were not going to deliver us with a White Christmas, then we would deliver ourselves to the white stuff.

We spent our time making an elaborate (for us beginners) snowman.

After taking plenty of photos for evidence, we noticed the clouds closing in and the sun going down, which would have left us shivering on the hill-top, so we ran for the train and went back home for round three of eating.

We still have a lot of left-over Christmas Turkey (we roasted a whole one) and other Christmas food to finish off before we start our drive into Italy tomorrow morning. We may end up taking some with us, although taking Swiss food into Italy would indeed be a strange thing to do.

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The Swan said...

I simply love the tree! Hope you had a very Merry Christmas and happy New Year!