Wednesday, 26 November 2008

A wintery weekend

It has started snowing quite a lot recently so this weekend we had a great time exploring winter delights of Switzerland.

On Saturday we caught the train up the hill behind Vevey to Les Pléaides, where we have been a few times now, at different times of the year. It was really good to get up there after a fresh dump of snow and we were making our own tracks through the snow and exploring the hilltop without really encountering a large number of people.

Fortunately the restaurant was still open so we were able to grab a hot chocolate to warm up before getting back on the train back to Vevey.

The next morning we woke up to find our square had been blanketed in snow. They have been setting up a Finlandais village in the square in preparation for the Vevey Christmas, so it looked quite cool to have snow on the rooftops all around us.

We then caught the train (having not yet taken the time to put snow tires on our car) into Les Diablerets, a nearby ski resort.

The train ride from Aigle into Les Diablerets is really amazing, through all the pine trees with fresh snow on the branches. It made everything feel very Christmassy!

The ski lifts at Diablerets have not yet opened, but we hired some raquettes (snow shoes) and walked out of the village into the surrounding country-side.

We had so much fun in the fresh snow that we're now considering buying our own sets of Raquettes - a great way to get out into the Swiss countryside which is so beautiful in Winter.


Nathan @ e-gineer said...

I continued to be astounded at the quality of the photos you are posting to this blog and jealous of what a great time you are both obviously having.

There is no doubt that this will be an invaluable record of your travels in years to come...

Mark said...

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for your kind words - it's always good to know people are reading.

I think the photos can be credited to the beautiful countries, and I'm quite sure my words have deteriorated in proportion to my lack of spare time these days!