Monday, 10 November 2008

Autumn in Switzerland

We've been having deliberately quiet weekends recently; recovering from a few busy weeks of travelling, Linda starting a new job, my own job getting quite hectic, a historic presidential election, and the whole global financial meltdown thing.

This is not to say we haven't been doing anything, rather that we've been keeping things a bit closer to home - and there's certainly nothing uninteresting about where we live, especially as we dive deeper into Autumn!

The weather has certainly been getting colder, and the days dramatically shorter, but we have still had some amazing days with clear, sunny weather. We've been taking advantage of these days to get out and have a BBQ picnic by the lake or play a bit of casual sport, like ping-pong (I'm a new convert) or kicking a soccer ball around.

I'm also a convert to the disposable charcoal BBQs, which are surprisingly effective, and we've made ourselves some delicious picnic lunches with fresh food bought from the markets.

Autumn seems like a bit of an in-between season over here; no longer hot and not yet cold enough for the proper winter activities to kick in, but we're still having fun and looking forward to the snow and Christmas markets only a month away now!

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