Monday, 13 October 2008

Vienna - Prague

From Vienna we headed on to Prague where we would spend a few days seeing the town and meeting up with Linda's parents.

I have to say that while Austria was very nice and we really enjoyed our time there, we were hugely more excited about arriving in Prague. I took far more photos in Prague than the whole of our time in Austria (granted, the weather in Prague was much better).

On our first night we did little more than grab a bite to eat, buy some basic supplies and go to bed. In the morning, however, we walked into the old town and were really amazed by the spectacular architecture and atmosphere of the city.

We had quite a full agenda for ourselves on the first day, heading out of town and up the funicular to the park overlooking Prague, where we climbed a tower that looks over the town and the castle district. The views were really spectacular.

We then walked into the castle district and bought an all-inclusive ticket that got us into all the sites of the castle, including the cathedral (which looks quite dramatic from all around Prague), the golden lane (tiny houses built into the castle walls).

We walked slowly back into town, stopping on the Charles Bridge to take photos at sunset, of the bridge itself and back towards Hradcany castle. It is really amazing at night.

The next day we headed in to the Jewish quarter and I got quite put out by the high cost of entering the Old New Synagogue, which is tiny and sparse inside. I know I should be impressed that it is Europe's oldest surviving synagogue, but it takes a lot to impress me these days.

Prague is also the home of Alphons Mucha, one of the original Art Nouveau artists, and we saw his images all over the place, along with other Art Nouveau works. We bought ourselves quite a few Mucha trinkets, and I bought myself a Kafka t-shirt (another famous resident of Prague) even though we didn't actually visit the Kafka museum.

Unexpectedly, we also ate a lot of good food in Prague. We had plenty of Goulash, Pilsner Urquell, Roast Duck, and Pike. We even found a place that served good coffee.

I could go on about Prague for some time, although I actually think the photos speak best for what the city is like (yes this is a bit of a cop-out so I don't have to write forever).

We left the car with Linda's Parents in Prague for their own drive through Eastern Europe back to Switzerland. Linda and I caught the train to Vienna and then a plane back to Geneva. By the time we were back home we were quite exhausted and ready for a holiday!

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Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful. I loved Prague too - although it was a little rough around the edges still when I was there in 1992! Not many shops and not much variety of what you could eat, although plenty of pilsner.

I've been meaning to send you an email for ages to see what you would like for your birthday - let me know if there is anything in particular you would like.

Congratulations too to Linda on her fantastic new job!

Hope to hear from you soon,