Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Plein Ciel Tower - Mont-Pelerin

The weather recently has not been so great, with lots of rain and hazy skies, so when Linda's parents arrived and the sun peeked out for a moment, we quickly headed up the hills behind Vevey to Mont-Pelerin to go up the Plein Ciel Tower (full sky).

We had tried to go there once before, by walking from the top of the Mont-Pelerin Funi, but we got distracted on the way and never actually made it.

I think this was for the best as actually it is a really long walk from the Funi to the tower. You also cant just conveniently drive all the way to the top, and are meant to leave your car in the car park and hike up the hill.

We got stuck at the boom gate for a while and had a picnic to fill in the time as we considered our options. However another car (presumably a resident) soon went through the boom gates so I rushed to cover the sensor to prevent the boom from going back down and quickly drove the car through the gates!

After this little victory, we drove to the top of the hill and bought ourselves tickets up the tower. The view was spectacular, looking towards the alps and over the lake (especially since we'd had some snow falling on the peaks). It was freezing cold however so we didn't linger too long!

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