Sunday, 12 October 2008

Salzburg - Vienna

We arrived in Vienna quite late, having spent a large part of the day in Salzburg and also having some difficulty navigating the ring roads into our Pension.

On our first night we still managed to head into town and catch a performance in the Vienna opera house. This was a bit of a victory for us as Linda had read that you can get standing tickets for only a few Euros and we managed to get some despite turning up quite late. The view from our spot up the back was actually quite good, although we decided to leave at the intermission; not actually being opera fans and deciding it was a good time for dinner.

We went to Sacha restaurant, which is opposite the opera house where we had Goulash soup (yummy) and Sacha tort (famous but not quite as notably yummy).

The next day we wandered into town, stopping to look at St Stephen's Cathedral and window-shopped around the Graben, the main shopping strip in Vienna.

It was cold and rainy and we spent a fair amount of time in the Albertina museum, where they had an exhibition on alpine photography, and another on van Gough which was very interesting - especially as by now we have visited some of the places where he'd done a lot of his painting.

On to Demel café for more Goulash soup and cakes, and more window shopping and wandering around Vienna until dinner time when we headed off for peach schnapps (we later bought some of those glasses that Linda, slightly wind-blown, is holding in the photo), giant sized Wiener Schnitzel, and beer.

We didn't have any trouble getting to sleep with our very full tummies.

On our way out of Vienna we went to the Schloss Belvedere, which houses lots of interesting artworks, but most importantly many works by Gustav Klimt, including the his most famous: The Kiss. We also had some yummy Apfelstrudel at the museum café.

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