Sunday, 2 December 2007

Montreux Christmas Markets

Last weekend we visited the Montreux Christmas Markets, Marché de Noël Montreux. These are some of the biggest Christmas markets in the area, having more than 100 stalls with arts, crafts, food and dogs.

Being more of a food person than an arts and crafts person, I think I may have focussed more on that aspect of the markets. We had cinnamon waffles and roast chestnuts - two new favorites for the cold weather.

We spent quite some time wandering around all the stalls, and Linda bought a few presents for her family.

But it was also quite cold, and for some time we retreated into the food hall for some pleasantly hot and stodgy chicken and mushroom with Bernese Rosti, served from comically large saucepans.

One last thing to mention is Montreux is where Freddie Mercury lived out his last years. (The Swiss are notoriously generous in respecting the privacy of others, and are particularly welcoming if you have lots of money.) Anyway, November 21st is the anniversary of his death, which is recognised in Montreux by visitors to his memorial statue.

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Mnementh said...

OK - that's it! Fancy some houseguests next Christmas? We're going to be saving madly coz I want to go to Christmas markets and eat out of those enormous saucepans!
Actually, I have done so before in Bavaria, where they served mushrooms. Gosh, that was good!
So anyway, Switzerland, here we come ;)