Sunday, 2 December 2007

Chateau d'Oex

This weekend (yes, actually posting close to the date we actually did something) we randomly chose to catch the train to Chateau d'Oex, 'inland' (if such a thing exists in a land-locked country) from Montreux.

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We decided on Chateau d'Oex (we still have no idea how to pronounce this) based on the fact that there was some markets there that were only on for 3 days each year and, well, it was there.

We bought our tickets in Vevey and, upon arriving in Montreux, were pleasantly surprised to find we were on the Golden Pass Line rail line in a panoramic carriage which gave us an amazing view of the lake and mountains as we went up the hill above Montreux (no photos, sorry)

Anyway it was a little cold and rainy, and when we got to Chateau d'Oex we discovered the markets were actually one stop earlier. We took the time to walk to the top of the hill where the church is located, however, which offered a fantastic view over the village and inside the church provided us with a spot of warmth and dry.

We didn't feel too compelled to stay in Chateau d'Oex, not the least because we are sure we will come back in January when the main event of the Chateau d'Oex calendar is held, the balloon festival.

In the end we caught the little train back down towards the town of Rossinière where the markets were being held. We really loved Rossinière, it was actually more attractive than Chateau d'Oex and many of the houses were open for you to wander in and browse the arts and crafts on offer. I didn't take any more photos because I was worried about the rain, and it was getting quite dark, but we were very glad to have visited this little town at this time of year.

Once we returned to Vevey we attended a presentation by a couple from Villeneuve (just around the corner from us on Lake Léman) who had spent 8 years cycling around the world. This made for a very interesting story, even if I couldn't understand the French it was told in. All told a very successful day out and we felt very satisfied.

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