Sunday, 2 December 2007

Foire de la St-Martin

Each year on the second Tuesday of November, the Foire de la St-Martin is held in Vevey.

[view from our apartment]

This is a big event in town, as Vevey is the home of St-Martin (there is a 10th century church here bearing his name). The festival started at dawn with the stalls setting up and 'soldiers' marching through our square.

Apparently this festival has been going on for many hundreds of years (I think this was the 538th), which added a sense of history to the event. This is one of Switzerland’s oldest fairs with the traditional dish papet vaudois and mulled wine. It was cool to have this all happening on our doorstep, and I deferred going to work by a couple of hours to make a quick dash through the stalls.

Linda took a lot more photos than me.

All of Linda's photos around the markets are here.

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