Friday, 26 March 2010

Heliski at Verbier

Last year Linda gave me a gift voucher to go Heliskiing at Verbier and I'd been itching to try it out, so when we were staying not far from Verbier and the weather looked promising I booked myself on a flight.

When I turned up, however, there was a fair bit of wind and we stood around beside the helicopter waiting for the green light. It was getting quite frustrating but eventually we got the go and off we went!

We flew over the Verbier resort and looked at all the groomed runs, which looked so small from above, and on to Mont Rosablanche.

From Rosablanche we took some time to take photos of the view over the mountains and back at Mont Fort before clipping into our skis and snowboards and taking off down the mountain, through deep untracked powder!

It was exhausting skiing through the powder, both because of the altitude and because I simply am not used to this type of skiing, but it was amazing just being "off piste" and the weather was perfect for it.

After some time we continued to descend through the valley and the snow became more hard-packed, and we stopped for a sip of wine and a rest outside a cabin.

The rest of the journey down was really difficult with icey, chopped up snow, and through a narrow ravine into the main valley.

By the end I was exhausted, and was happy for the chance to have some lunch and a beer to celebrate making it down in once piece!

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