Thursday, 4 March 2010

Catching up with Friends in Zug

We met Richard and Renata when they were living nearby in the Suisse Romande and quickly became good friends, so it was really a shame when we moved to Nyon and they moved to Kanton Zug which left us a few hours apart - a long way in a country the size of Switzerland!

Last weekend we finally got ourselves organised to go and visit them in their new home in the town of Unterageri.

Unfortunately we managed to time our visit at the start of major roadworks on the motorway near Bern and ended up sitting for a couple of hours in traffic, which was not a great start, but we got there in the end!

Unterageri is a nice little town on the lakeside, where you can find yourself "out in the country" after just a short walk from the centre (one of the nice things about living in Switzerland).

On Sunday we planned to catch the lift to the top of the Mount Pilatus near Lucerne, but when we turned up the lift was closed due to wind which was really a shame because the sky was quite clear and we were looking forward to the view.

Instead we went for a walk around Lake Lucerne - not a bad alternative and a very pleasant way to spend the afternoon!

We were really happy visit Lucerne again because last time we visited we couldn't see the mountains around the lake that Lucerne is famous for. Most importantly, though, we got to spend time with friends!

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