Tuesday, 16 June 2009


On the weekend we drove up to Zurich. We had a flimsy excuse: we are looking to buy a tent and apparently there are some big camping stores in Zurich. But anyway it seemed worth going since Linda hasn't been before, and the weather was looking good.

In the end the camping stores were a bit of a bust - they were expensive and anyway we had better things to do with our time than poke around camping shops.

Instead, we wandered around the old town of Zurich for a while, grabbing some food and window shopping. We also visited the two main churches in Zurich, climbing the towers of the Grossm√ľnster to check out the view over the town, and the Fraum√ľnster to see the stained glass windows.

Then we walked over to the Bahnhoffstrasse, which is the main shopping strip in Zurich, where we did a bit more window shopping - which can be a real hazard in Switzerland, where windows are stuffed with multi-thousand franc watches and jewellery.

Once the shops started to close up, we headed down to the lake for a little tour. It was perfect weather so it was a good time to be out on the lake.

For dinner we found an outdoor bar beside the lake, which served up some delicious grilled chicken. It was a good way to wrap up the day.

The next day we visited the Kunsthaus museum, which houses everything from classic to modern art, before heading out of town to see the Rhinefalls, North of Zurich.

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