Tuesday, 16 June 2009


The Rhinefalls are only a short trip from Zurich, and make a very pleasant day trip on a Sunday when all the shops are closed.

The falls are the largest in Europe. Although they aren't particularly high they have an impressive rate of flow; averaging around 700 cubic metres per second in summer.

Unfortunately there was some renovations going on while we were there (they were meant to finish the previous month, but are evidently experiencing some delays), so we couldn't visit the castle on the Zurich side.

Consequentially, we had to make do with boat trips across the river and one that took us all the way to an 'island' right in the middle of the falls. This was really impressive as you really are in the middle of the action, and we stopped for a while to watch some fish take their chances at jumping up the falls (impossible of course).

We stayed at the Rhinefalls for a while, taking photos and wandering around, since it was a hot day and the mist from the falls were nice and cooling.

Once it started to get late in the day we decided to head home - it is about 2 1/2 hours from Rhinefalls to Vevey and, as usual, we had a big week ahead of us at work. We were really happy to have made the trip to Zurich and the Rhinefalls!

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