Tuesday, 6 January 2009


The next day we travelled out of Lombardia and into the Veneto, arriving at our next destination: Treviso. We immediately decided to boycott our hotel restaurant, even though it had good reviews, because we weren't happy with our room (on the ground floor just off reception).

Treviso talks itself up as a 'little Venice', but although there are a number of canals running through the town it is difficult to compare the two. Not that Treviso isn't a very nice town, but comparing yourself to Venice is inevitably a mistake.

After the eating excesses of the previous days we opted for a simple pizza for lunch - though even a pizza in Italy is generally a positive experience.

We then spent a large amount of time walking around the town, wandering through churches, examining frescos, taking photos of the canals and window shopping for exotic foods.

Treviso is also the home of Benetton and we took advantage of this fact by visiting the giant Benatton store which happened to be holding a 50% off sale due to pending renovations. I managed to finally pick up a warm overcoat for work (I had been surviving on my flimsy overcoat from Sydney) and Linda picked up a couple of jumpers.

We finished up with dinner at an Osteria that got good reviews, and certainly attracted a local crowd, sampling some more local dishes (incorporating the famous radicchio rosso) and walking out well fed and happy (if a little poorer for the experience).


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