Friday, 9 January 2009

Bassano del Grappa

Our last stop-over on our trip across Italy (actually on the way back towards Switzerland now) was Bassano del Grappa where, unsurprisingly, you'll find Grappa, although we were going just because it was meant to be a nice town to visit.

We were lucky enough to be there on Market day, so the squares were filled with stalls, although it was also the first day of the January sales in Italy, so we spent more time in the shops than the markets.

Getting away from the shopping for a while, we wandered out of the town to check out the bridge over the river which had been destroyed a few times over the years, last time by the retreating Nazis, but had been rebuilt in the original style.

During our walks we stumbled across one of the Grappa distilleries and, even though we wouldn't count ourselves amongst the fans of Grappa, we did stop in for a look.

We also made a quick trip to Asolo, a nearby hill town, but by this stage we were focused on the upcoming drive home and only stopped for a last plate of pasta before heading off. The only eventful thing to happen on the way home was the window washer freezing in the cold while going over the Grand-Saint-Bernard pass back into Switzerland: it's cold up there!


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