Friday, 7 September 2007

Signing into Nyon

A couple of days ago we visited our new apartment in Nyon to sign the contracts. It was my first time to see the apartment since Linda took responsibility for the first visit, and I thought she had chosen well, especially since it is in such a nice location with caf├ęs and restaurants around.

Once we had signed the contract and were heading home we looked back over the roof of our new apartment towards the lake. We could see the peak of Mont Blanc lit up by the sunset off in the distance, and in the clear sky it looked spectacular (dodgy mobile phone photo not doing it justice).

We will be moving in this weekend, which makes it our 3rd house move since arriving in Europe, and there will be at least one more move before we finally settle as the apartment in Nyon is only a temporary measure. Still, I think we will be happy in Nyon for however long we are there.

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