Thursday, 20 September 2007

Living in Nyon

Well we’ve been in Nyon a couple of weeks now and are thoroughly enjoying the change from Ecublens. Not that Ecublens wasn’t nice; it was green and quiet and handy for work, but we could have been in the suburbs of any number of countries you could name, and a bit too quiet. Nyon, by comparison, has an undeniably Swiss feel to it, with the lake, the mountains, and the Swiss style buildings, plus some nice shops and restaurants.

The other night I went for a run along the waterfront (I promise I won’t turn this into a jog-blog), on my return leg home I was running along the waterfront at dusk and the sky was a light blue with sunset lighting up the clouds and the moon reflecting on the water. The lake was calm with a couple of sailing boats returning silently to port and the Chateau above our apartment was uplit, creating a very dramatic scene. Of course since I was running I didn’t have a camera with me, but I doubt I would have been able to capture the very peaceful scene.

Now we have a bit of a dilemma since we have been told our application for an apartment in Vevey has been accepted. The apartment is more expensive, but is bigger and in the centre of the old town of Vevey with lots of shops, cafés and restaurants. Also, I think overall we preferred Vevey as a town over Nyon, since it is close to Montreax and has a lot of festivals and markets. But do we want to spend more to stay in such a place if we plan to travel a lot anyway?

We will have to make up our minds soon, but regardless of what we decide we are certain we only want to move house one more time in Switzerland!

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