Monday, 14 February 2011


On our way home from our balloon flight at Chateau D'Oex we stopped by the Papiliorama, not far from Bern.
The Papiliorama is a tropical garden containing, amongst other things, a fantastic exhibit of live tropical butterflies.
We only spent a relatively short amount of time there, but we kept well entertained by the many different butterflies fluttering around us.
We also spotted a hummingbird, which darted around the enclosure and hovered over the feeding trays long enough, and close enough, for us to snap off some photos.
There was also a nocturnal exhibit which was also interesting but also a little bit frightening, with small, black (mostly invisible in the low light) bats fluttering past your face at regular intervals.
We had a really nice time wandering around the exhibits, making it a nice cap to a very fun weekend of spas, balloons, and butterflies!

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