Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Hiking to La Dole - Autumn Snow!

Last weekend Linda was out of town at a conference. I normally try to do some crazy hike or other adventure while she's away but this time the weather was really bad so I could only really do something small on Sunday - so when I saw the sky clear above the Jura I jumped into a train up the hill to St Cergue to do a hike from there.
I've hiked up La Dole a couple of times before, simply because it's the highest point in the Jura range and there's a few different ways to approach it. There's other hikes in the Jura that I hope to explore more in future.
Also this time it was Autumn and it had been quite a cold few days so I got lightly snowed on in the early stage of my walk and there was a significant amount of snow on the ground by the time I reached the top.
On the way back down I stopped at the Cuvaloup restaurant where I felt compelled to have a Croque au Fromage avec Oeuf et Jambon, after which I felt quite ill. So it was probably just as well that I missed the train at La Givrine and had to walk down the hill to St Cergue - I needed the time to digest all that cheese!
I took a couple of videos during my climb as well, which you'll find here and here. As you can see it was cold and windy!

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