Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Around Nyon

Over the last several weeks we've managed to do a few things around Nyon - which happens less often than you may think given that we live here, but we spend so many of our weekends travelling we don't often get a chance to really explore our home town! [most of these photos are by Linda]
On the 1st of August we had Swiss National Day which is usually quite a relaxed day where you hang around and swim in the lake and watch fireworks at night. This year was unfortunately rainy and also unfortunately on a Sunday which meant we didn't get the benefit of a day off work!
This was not really a big problem, as it just meant it was even more relaxed than usual, and the weather managed to clear up in time for the fireworks in the evening. Even the fireworks were a close call this year since it's been so "hot and dry" (by Swiss standards) that there was a ban on fireworks except for in specific controlled areas near the lake.
We still managed to have fun despite these rigid controls over our fireworks (we bought up big this year!). The main event of the fireworks in Nyon was a band of drummers on a trailer that was towed around the town - followed closely by people with buckets in case the fun became too extreme but, as usual, Linda and I had the most fun setting off our own fireworks
At the end of the night there was a big bonfire on the lake.
Not long after this Richard and Renata came to visit with their son Oliver.
We weren't lucky with the weather then either (it seems to have been a pretty miserable summer, weather wise) but still managed to get out and see bits of Nyon, Lausanne, and Divonne in France.

Then recently we discovered the local pool at Nyon, which we only found the weekend it was due to close for winter despite a late burst of really quite nice Autumn weather (Swiss pools seem very strict on their swimming season). It was great to be swimming in a nice big clean pool overlooking the lake and with Mont Blanc in the distance.

Last but not least, we went back to Divonne this weekend to shop for fresh seafood, ham, bread and other delicious bits and pieces for the weekend, which seems to have lasted us into the rest of the week - it's great being able to drive 15 minutes into France to go to the markets!

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