Wednesday, 4 August 2010


A little while ago Linda and I took a 4 day weekend to fly to the Spanish island of Majorca.
The main goal of the trip was to get to the sea, which is something we really miss being in land-locked Switzerland (and no, the lakes don't count). In Majorca, we got the full trifecta of sun, sandy beaches, and delicious fresh seafood.
The other reason for going to Majorca was that, despite the amount of travelling we've done around Europe so far, we hadn't once been to Spain! To be fair there was likely more German and English tourists in Majorca than Spanish people but at least the food was local.
We spent our time around Cala d'Or, which is a collection of small sandy coves surrounded by cliffs. We were staying at a hotel on Cala Esmerelda, which turned out to be one of the nicer beaches in the area.
Of the beaches, we also really enjoyed Cala Mondrago since it is in a national park and less built-up than the other beaches in the area.
Aside from the beaches, we also visited Santanyi a couple of times, once when there was markets on, and once at a more quiet time just for lunch.
And we visited Porto Petro and Cala Figuera a couple of times each, basically just to eat!
On our last day we spent some time in Palma which was also a nice town although a little quiet - I'm glad we didn't plan to spend more than a few hours there.
As usual, despite trying to leave for the airport a little earlier than usual, we ended up running for our flight. In the end, being easyjet, we needn't have worried.

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