Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Grottes de Naye

This weekend I went back to Rochers de Nayes to climb up the route which, thanks to the clouds and 'helpful' directions of other walkers, I had missed on my last visit.

Instead of hiking up from Caux like I did last time, I took the soft route and took the train higher up the mountain to the Jaman stop. From here you hike towards the base of the climb up past the Grottes de Naye (a network of caves inside the cliffs).

I wasn't too interested in climbing inside the caves, not only because I didn't have a headlamp but also because some reports I've read hadn't been too positive. Instead I took the stairs that have been thoughtfully built up along the cliff face.

Of course it is really steep and the climb was quite exhausting. It was even raining lightly for most of the climb! Despite this the views you get along the climb are amazing, and once you get to the top and make your way along the ridge towards Rochers de Nayes, they only become more incredible.

Also along the ridge I found the exit points of the Via Ferrata, which are climbing routes with pre-laid cables and rungs in the rocks to assist climbers. Despite the fact that the route is so well established, I found the view from the top terrifying and I'm not sure how comfortable doing the climb myself.

Anyway this was only meant to be a quick walk, and I caught the train back down the mountain rather than walk back. However, it was really good to be up there again seeing the amazing views, flora and fauna (I saw some birds). There are plenty more paths at Rochers de Naye to be hiked!

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