Thursday, 28 May 2009

Netherlands - Delft

Some countries take some time to warm to, but when we arrived in Netherlands we were almost immediately in love with it. The airport was clean and organised, and the people at the car rental place were prepared and friendly and we even got upgraded to a bigger car! Linda even found some delicious Vlaamse frites (chips and mayonnaise) [okay officially that's Belgian, but like lots of things in the Netherlands, like the Belgian beers, the Indonesian food, and the amazing language skills, you won't end up caring too much where it originates].

Then we arrived in Delft, a very pretty town with canals and market squares and bars with happy drinkers in them and people on bikes chatting to each other as they rode side by side. Linda had organised an excellent hotel right in the town and we found a car park right outside; pretty much the perfect start!

The next morning we spent some time wandering around the town, although since it was Ascension public holiday it was quite quiet.

We climbed the church tower to see the view and checked out the Delftware in the tourist shops.

There was also an antiques market where we saw some cool old clogs and ice skates, and had our first try of broodje haring (raw herring sandwich), which we decided we didn't need to finish.

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