Friday, 13 March 2009

Picnic at Mont-Pelerin

The last few weeks have been really busy and tiring for both Linda and I, so it's not surprising that we've been dialing back on our activities a bit.

On the weekend, however, it was perfect weather and we were feeling distinctly claustrophobic - motivating us to jump in the car and head up the hill to Mont-Pelerin for a picnic in the snow.

It was really cold in the hills above Vevey, but we were well prepared both with warm clothes and plentiful food. We also brought our toboggan with us, although we displayed our ignorance of the workings of toboggans by attempting a run down a hill through fresh, foot-deep powder, resulting only in our instantly sinking into the snow.

Further down the hill we found a track some kids had been using, and managed to get a good run out of it.

We had a lot of fun, checking out the views over the lake and towards the mountains, and mucking around in the snow. It was really good to get out into the fresh air, and with the onset of Spring I can see a lot more of that in our future!

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