Sunday, 28 September 2008

Geneva - Innsbruck

Only 5 days after returning from Sardinia we took off again, this time to drive half way across Europe to meet up with Linda's parents in Prague. By the most direct route, through Germany, this is about a 1000km drive - but going via Austria to see Innsbruck, Salzburg, and Vienna added an extra 500km to the journey.

Linda's parents had leased a car from Geneva that they planned to use to drive from Prague to Switzerland, and we were to do the outward journey. As a result we had to pick up the car from France near Geneva. This was somewhat more complicated than we expected (no, you cannot simply walk through the airport from Switzerland to France) and in the end we didn't get properly under way until almost midday on Saturday.

It rained all the way to Innsbruck and, due to this and the 17km long tunnels we drove through to get there, we didn't see much of any mountains along the way.

It was cold and rainy in Innsbruck too, so we were unimpressed when our hotel told us our room was flooded and another reservation had been made further away from the old town, which in turn directed us still further away.

Anyway we forced ourselves to walk into town and wander around, ultimately having a very nice time. We checked out the Goldenes Dachle (Golden Roof) building in the main square and had dinner at the nearby Gasthaus of the same name, where we had some delicious, hearty Tyrolean food before retiring for the night.

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