Friday, 29 August 2008

Vevey Festival des Artistes de Rue

Last weekend was the 16th Festival des Artistes de Rue, or the street theatre festival of Vevey. By good luck (or bad depending on your perspective) this is centred around Place Scanavin where were live so we had prime seats from our window.

We watched a few acts both from our windows and from the streets. Some were very good, including some Australian acts which made us proud, although we felt a little guilty watching from our window because it meant we couldn't give the artists money at the end of their acts.

There was also plenty of food on offer in our square so it was handy to duck out for a plate of food, a gaufre (waffle), or a sweet crêpe. It was great fun having it in our square, although as you'd expect it was also nice when it left again - restoring the peace and quiet.

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