Monday, 19 May 2008

More family visits

Last week Jenni, Oliver and Imogen came to visit Linda and I in Switzerland. They weren't here for long and the weather was grey and rainy but we still managed to get out and see a small part of the country around near where we live.

We caught the little train up to Rochers-de-Nayes (also known as Marmot's Paradise), which is the hills above Montreaux (and would have a spectacular view on a clear day). When we got to the top, at around 2000m, I was surprised just how much snow there was, so we didn't see much of the Marmots or the view but Oliver and Imogen had a great time throwing snowballs at Linda.

Then we went to Chateau de Chillon where Oliver spent his time chasing ghosts, and Imogen chasing Oliver.

After visiting the castle we caught one of the steamboat ferries home and, once back in Vevey, everyone was pretty much tuckered out from the big day out.

It was really good to see them all again, especially since Oliver and Imogen are so young; even a short time between seeing them results in big changes, and I was sad to say goodbye to them on the train knowing it might be a long time before I see them again.

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