Thursday, 6 March 2008

Les Diablerets

The other day I spotted an ad in craigslist for some second hand skis. I arranged to meet with the very nice man who was running the nestle seniors ski club and who was selling the skis belonging to some workers who had been relocated outside of Switzerland.

The deal was almost too good to be true - located in Vevey, they were the right size, in excellent condition, and he even had some matching boots that by some miracle fit my feet (ski boots are notoriously difficult to fit).

We asked if he also had some skis for Linda, which he did, and which were in even better condition than my ones, although unfortunately no matching boots for Linda (we bought them separately). Anyway, we were now suddenly and unexpectedly the proud owners of a full set of ski gear and therefore had to go skiing!

A friend at work recommended Les Diablerets since it has been quite warm recently and Les Diablerets is quite high altitude, while still relatively close to Vevey. Anyway I had always wanted to go there because there is also a lift to Glacier 3000 - unsurprisingly, a glacier at 3000m altitude.

We made our way there by train, queued to have our ski bindings adjusted at a rental shop (internet advice for adjusting bindings is: "take them to a professional"), and hit the slopes!

Okay so the snow was a bit slushy (definitely spring skiing) but the cover was good and the slopes were about right for Linda to find her skiers legs. Unfortunately Glacier 3000 was closed because of the wind at that altitude. On the plus side, the views over the mountain range were amazing, it was sunny and warm, and where we were there was no wind at all!

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The Swan said...

Now you can really say you've had the full Swiss experience!'s been years since I've schlussed down the slopes. Speaking of which, they're predicting a good snow season in Aust this year (seeing as there's been sweet nothing for the past three or four years). Oh, who am I kidding...even in unseasonably warm winters Switzerland wins hands down!