Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Paris: Part 7

Tuesday would be recovery day, more because most of the major sites and shops were closed for the public holiday than because of our 'wild night out'.

We headed back out to the Latin Quarter for a French Revolution Walk run by Paris Walks.

This was very well run and filled a few pleasant hours taking us to a few places in Paris we probably wouldn't have stumbled on ourselves. Plus we actually learned something about French History!

Afterwards we filled up on crêpes for dinner, including one with chocolate and chantilly cream for desert which was delicious.

To complete the day we decided we couldn't be in Paris without climbing the Eiffel Tower. The weather was clear and we headed out, as planned, to go up the tower soon after dark before clouds lost altitude and covered the top of the tower.

When we got to the tower, however, we found the queue stretched pretty much the whole way around the base. We joined the queue and waited and waited, and it was freezing cold! It must have taken us hours for us to reach the lift to the second floor only to find there was a second, huge, queue to reach the top.

By the time we reached the top level of the tower the clouds had closed in and all we could see was an orange haze, with the occasional glimpse of the city below. At least it gave it something to giggle about.

More queueing to get back to the second level, where the view was much clearer. Linda bought some Eiffel Tower egg-cups for momentos and we joined one last queue to return to ground.

All up it must have taken us 4 hours to get up and back down from the tower, most of which was spent shivering in queues. Still, it is just one of those things you have to do.

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