Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Let it snow! ..for a bit

Last week there was reports there might be snow on the plateau where we live. Time went by and no snow fell, although there was a noticeable white cap on the mountains around us.

Then yesterday I was walking to work and it was raining, but there was a couple of light flakes that might have been snow, but could just as easily have been ash or something else floating through the air.

Now today I was walking home from work and it was sleeting, almost but not quite snow. But as I got on the train and looked out the window I could see big fat flakes of snow coming down!

Now, fair enough, we're in Switzerland so snow shouldn't be that surprising, but it is only mid-November, one month into Autumn! Last year apparently it was still summery weather at this time of year and they didn't get snow until quite late in the year - this year is quite unusually cold.

All very exciting now, but I think it may wear off once the cold really hits and the short winter days leave us trapped inside.

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